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Permission to Use; Limitations; Termination.
Users who have accepted this Agreement are granted permission to use this Website for its intended purposes subject to the terms of this Agreement. Use of certain components of this Website may be subject to additional terms relating to privacy of personal information or other matters as may be provided in a separate agreement or policy. All such additional agreements and policies are hereby incorporated into this Agreement. To the extent that such additional agreements and policies provide for additional restrictions on use of this Website, such restrictions shall be in addition to those provided under this Agreement. Certain sections of this Website may be restricted in which event use of those sections is prohibited unless specific permission to access those sections is given by the Community Association. User agrees to comply with this Agreement as it may be modified from time to time as set forth below. User also agrees to comply with all applicable laws. The Community Association may cancel User's permission to use all or any part of this Website at any time for any reason in the sole discretion of the Community Association. User's permission to use this Website shall automatically terminate in the event that User violates this Agreement. All provisions of this Agreement other than the permission to use this Website shall survive termination.
Third-Party Websites/Vendors
This Website may contain advertisements for or information about third-party providers of information, services and products and/or links to their websites. The owners and affiliates of such providers are referred to in this Agreement as "Third-Party Vendors". Such advertisements, information and links shall not be construed as approval or endorsement of such vendors or their websites. If User decides to deal with such vendors or visit such sites, User understands that it is subject to any applicable rules and policies of such Third-Party Vendors including any applicable terms of use agreements or privacy policies of such Third-Party Vendors. Third-Party Vendors have no authority to act on behalf of or bind the Community Association or its affiliates, and neither the Community Association nor its affiliates are responsible for the actions of Third-Party Vendors. User shall be responsible for taking such steps as User deems appropriate to evaluate Third-Party Vendors and their services and products and otherwise protect User's legitimate interests. The Community Association shall not be construed to be a party to any transactions that may be entered into between User and Third-Party Vendors.
User Postings
This Website may contain a Discussions Forum as a convenience for Users. The Community Association assumes no obligation to monitor the contents of the Discussions Forum but reserves the right to refuse to accept and to remove any posting at any time. User agrees not to post any information or materials that violate intellectual property laws, that are obscene, pornographic, defamatory, violent, harassive or that otherwise violates applicable laws or community standards, or that are objectionable as determined by the Community Association. User acknowledges that any information and materials posted on this Website are subject to use by the Community Association in connection with operating this Website and as otherwise contemplated by this Agreement. In the event any User believes that this Website contains any unlawful or inappropriate information or materials, User should notify the Community Association accordingly. Users under the age of 18 are not authorized to make any postings on the Bulletin Board without parental permission and by making such postings are deemed to represent that they have obtained such permission. The Community Association assumes no obligation to investigate the existence of parental permission. Users under the age of 13 are not allowed to make postings on the Discussions Forum in any manner. User acknowledges that the contact information provided by User in connection with submitting a posting for the Discussions Forum may be posted on the Discussions Forum. The Community Association may establish additional and different policies and guidelines from time to time regarding posting information on the Discussions Forum.
Security; Privacy
The Community Association cannot guarantee the security of any information provided by or on behalf of User in connection with this Website, and the Community Association shall not be responsible for a compromise of User information. User is responsible for maintaining the security of any passwords or other access keys provided to User for any restricted portions of this Website. The Community Association has no obligation to store or maintain any information provided by or on behalf of User. Any information collected by the Community Association will be subject to the Community Association's privacy policies as they may be modified from time to time. Contact information collected from Users may be used to distribute information that the Community Association believes may be of interest to Users such as information relating to association meetings, community events and activities. User information may also be provided to third-parties such as association property management companies to allow them to respond to questions or concerns raised by Users. A User that wishes to limit the use of any information that it may provide should contact the Community Association.
Changes to Website; Limitation of Availability
The Community Association may modify or discontinue any aspect or feature of this Website, including its content, functionality, hours of availability, pricing, registration requirements, the domain name addresses through which this Website is accessible, or the equipment needed for its use, at any time and for any reason in the sole discretion of the Community Association. The availability of this Website is subject to periodic downtime for maintenance and repairs and is subject to interruption due to causes beyond the Community Association's control including failure of telecommunication links and failure of Internet infrastructure. User acknowledges and agrees that the Community Association shall not be responsible for any interruptions of the availability of this Website.
Exclusive User Remedy
In the event that User is dissatisfied with any aspect of this Website, User's sole remedy shall be to discontinue use of this Website.